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The Virginia Marine Products Board is your partner in profit, charged with helping you market Virginia Seafood to your customers. We've developed special programs for retailers, as well as for food service, that will help you attract more customers and make more money. Of course, the more you make, the more Virginia makes, so our goal is not exactly unselfish. No doubt the hallmark of all good relationships.

Of course, the main things your customers are concerned about are availability, pricing and quality. First things first: with 87 commercial seafood species, you better believe, there is always a catch.

And because of the wide variety of species we offer, you can find some rather attractive pricing.

And because the majority of Virginia's catch being harvested by day boats, you have absolute assurance that it is always fresh (unless you specify frozen, of course).

No one exceeds our quality standards, but don't take our word for it, learn about the all the variety of federal and state inspections that we answer to.

So whether your customers are across the street or around the world, there is probably a Virginia Supplier that will be a perfect fit.

And we're also here to help with education programs and merchandising support for your retail and foodservice customers (plus we can even help them with their customers).

It's all just a click away, from recipes that capture the essence of Virginia's waters to a wide variety of educational materials, brochures and other literature available to download.